We had a really BIG moving sale!

Rain & Shine!

We had a bit of both, but the sun

beat the clouds in the afternoon.

Many thanks to everyone!

We were very busy in the morning, with the first  shopper at a bit after 7am. Lots of items were sold  before noon and it slowed down a bit in the afternoon,  but we were surprised to sell some bigger things late in  the day. Thanks to everyone who came. It was interesting to  hear how many people had had a look at this website -  big thanks for your feedback.   Very special thanks to Kim for posting the sale on social  media, and to Kim and David and their great kids for  coming along. Thanks too to Rebecca & Ian for their  purchases and we wish you well for the future.  BIG thanks to Michelle for the great signage, to Melanie,  Stephan, Mitchell, and Kimberley for all their help on  the day, and Janni for all her e and p support and  suggestions.                                    21/6/2015 
Attention: To the purchaser of the Gaggia Coffee maker. Please contact us by email at this link, you left the instruction book behind.